IVF #1 Results!!!

I haven’t blogged in quite a bit sorry for that. Well last Friday February 6th, all symptoms stopped felt my normal self, everyone said that was fine but I knew. Of course I caved on Monday took a clear blue test on 7dp5dt and not to my surprise BFN (BIG FUCKING NEGATIVE). Some ladies told me no to take a clear blue due to it not being sensitive enough to pick up low hgc. I was not taking another test till my beta day which was Thursday. Went in at 9am they called my husband at 11am negative Blah!!

Well we have 3 frosties left and are trying to decide when to do a FET. I kind of want to wait get back healthy, and start acupuncture. “I will be a mom, I will be a mom” …. One day!


Egg Transfer ✔️

Today we had our egg transfer!

Back up a little bit, we retrieved 20 eggs since I’m doing a shared donor cycle my recipient got 10 and I got 10. Out of those 10, 7 fertilized, today we transferred two embryos😃. We are waiting a couple of days to see if the other 4 we will freeze. But as of right now I am PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise). Beta is set for 2/12 I will TRY and hold out until then no promises though. Come on babies grow grow!!


Egg Retrieval Done Thank God!🙈

Well today started pretty rough, we needed to be at the dr at 11:15am Hubby thought I said 12:15pm so of course he was taking his time moving hella slow😕! Then had the nerve to say ” ugh I have to give a sample today, it’s so much work” I’m thinking to myself and ALL the pills, injections, daily dr apts for ultrasound and blood work aren’t?!?! I’m thinking to myself Woooooo Saahhhhhh!

So we get there he goes to the back to do his thing and I go to a little room and change and do what I do best online shopping while I wait.

So they finally call me back, spent 30 minutes trying to get my iv in finally deciding they needed to put it in my neck😩!! 2 minutes later I was knocked the hell out!!!!

I woke up in a different room with a nurse handing me Advil and water which I spilled on her on accident. She left me to get dressed and came back to tell me the retrieved 20 eggs!!!! Tomorrow they will let me know how many are mature!

Started out rough, but today was a good day😊

Egg Retrieval T-minus 14hrs

Egg Retrieval set for tomorrow at 12:15pm. We will arrive @11:15am, Hubby will do his thing and then I will get knocked out. Praying to get lots of mature eggs for myself and the recipient.

My last us the saw 15 follicles ranging from 17-27, estrogen 3,400, progesterone 1.7, and lining 9.3.

Will update tomorrow:)

Stim Day 8.. 2 more to go🙏

So just a little update since I’ve finally started stims

Started stimming 1/17 with 3 Bravelle and 1 Menopur. Added Ganirelix 5 days later. No real side effects, except wanting to karate chop my husband in the throat for just existing👿 lol (my hormones are crazy). I went for blood work yesterday as well as an ultrasound. Estrogen came back at 1,200, so it’s rising like it should✊. My ultrasound showed 18 follicles ranging from 12-20. Going back this morning to do the same thing all over again😩 but hey I knew what I was getting myself into. Will get my estimated ER today. Hopefully it’s Wed with a 5 day transfer which would be 2/2 as my husband decided last minute (not a surprise) to take a vacation to New York for his 30th Bday. That would definitely keep my mind off the tww. Will update later with results from today’s apt!😍

Starting Stims… FINALLY

So today is actually supposed to be the day after my egg retrieval 😥but it’s the day I will start stimming. Since doing a shared donor cycle we both at to get on same schedule/cycle which pushed it back 2 weeks. Still grateful I have this opportunity! Stopped BCP on Tuesday THANK GOD, those little pills are the devil😈! I will mix 3 Bravelle and 1 Menopur tonight and only inject myself once. Hubby won’t do it, so he can just pinch my fat lol. Will go back Monday for blood work to see if I should increase or decrease dosage. So as of right now looking at an estimated ER date for either January 29th or 30th!

Ready to get this show on the road😎

Delayed Cycle😟

So I was supposed to start stimming today, but after leaving the dr office on Tuesday while my scan looked great and I was told to stop taking birth control and continue with my protocol. I received a call late afternoon telling me to continue taking bc for a week and not to stim until told otherwise ugh. My blood work came back and my Estrogen was 140 and they want it to be closer to 50. Frustrated my cycle is being pushed back but I continue to pray for patience and strength.

25 days till ER! oh and go COWBOYS!

25 days till my possible egg retrieval and I am so excited!!! I will start my injections January 3rd. I had got my quote for my medications, and was shocked but not shocked I mean they told me an estimated price to actually hear the price I was like whoa. But when I think about what it will brings in the end I don’t see dollar signs. So yesterday my husband told me to go ahead and purchase the medicine, even though I was going to call around and get more prices. Just as I was about to buy, I received a call from Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and they quoted me a price that was $700 LESS than what I was just about to pay, she also said to fill out two forms, and show proof of income to get an even less discount. GOD is GOOD!!! Any bit of savings help during this process.

I am continuing taking BC pills and prenatal huge pills, thank goodness for Christmas as it is keeping me busy and my mind of this. It it wasn’t for Christmas I would be on the cpu all day every day.

Well anyway, Cowboys are on so of to enjoy this cold Sunday.

Here we go!!! Ivf shared donor cycle #1

So we just got our ivf protocol. I will take bc for two weeks, stim for 10 days, possible egg retrieval January 16 with a 5 days transfer. We will find out if I’m pregnant on my Husbands birthday so I’m thinking about ideas on how to tell him😊.

A little background:
My husband and I have been together for almost 5 years got married 2 months ago on 10/4/2014. He has a 7 year old son from a previous relationship. I have never been on birth control since we were together. In 2012 we figured something was wrong and went to a fertility specialist. His sperm was great, my tubes were open, I was producing great eggs, so they put us in the unexplained infertility category. We then opted to do iui with injections. 1st iui= fail 2nd iui= failed 3rd iui = failed! I felt hopeless, thought it wasn’t in gods plan for me to be a mother. So we took a break for two years.

As of Today:
We are in the process of doing a shared donor ivf cycle where my recipient will get half my eggs if odd number then i will get extra ones. The shared donor cycle financially fit us. We were screened through our clinic and they were on a waiting list through our clinic as well so no having to find someone ourself. So excited to begin this process now trying to keep myself busy so I do not go crazy!!

Spa day!!

Much needed spa day with my bestie!! At king spa royal in Dallas! Much needed drinks and conversation talk about my ivf journey. She is so positive about it which in return makes me think positive! I will do an update before the apt and tell all about me and my journey since today was kinda random!